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Recycling line for household appliances: 5 T/H

This system is suitable for sorting various types of plastic and metal from end-of-life electronic scrap (WEEE). Depending on the input material, the system conveys the material flow through particular parts of the installation. This installation can perform the following processes: 

  • Separating plastics from a material stream containing metal and other scrap materials
  • Separating PP/PE and ABS/PS from a material flow comprising a variety of plastics
  • Separating ABS and PS from a material stream comprising ABS and PS. 
In addition to separating the materials, the system classifies and grinds the plastic granules wherever necessary. The installation also comprises various systems for air transport, air filtering, suction and water treatment. For instance, it is equipped with a closed loop water treatment system. This is a closed system. The water is filtered during processing, whereupon it is returned to the recycling process for reuse.