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Separating plastic from various materials: 5 T/H

Our Plastic Recycling Installation cleans, shreds and separates plastics. The installation is designed to separate a mixture of plastics from other materials. This includes foreign materials such as stones and metal objects. Metals, materials heavier than plastics and foils are first removed by means of several stages of separation. Foreign plastics that are heavier than water are separated halfway through the process and packed in big bags. Any remaining dust and contaminants are then removed. Dry polypropylene or polyethylene chips are ultimately packed in big bags at the end of the process. The installation is basically designed to separate polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) therefore.

The Plastic Recycling Plant comprises various closed systems for air transport, air filtering and process water filtration. Transportation of the process material between the various stages of the process is carried out by means of conveyor belts, transport screws and air conveyors.  

The plant has a closed loop process water filtration system. The water is filtered during processing, whereupon it is returned to the recycling process for reuse.