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The responsible handling of waste is no longer a choice. It is an obligation, on a human, social and economic level. Plastic in particular is currently earmarked as a serious polluter. We can do something about that. Indeed, you can do something about it. Hermion is willing to accept this challenge together with you. Because we almost always have the solution to your problems regarding the recycling of plastic. And the investment? You could earn that back very quickly

1. Hermion is gespecialiseerd in de ontwikkeling, het ontwerp en de constructie van op maat gemaakte plastic recycling installaties.

2. Hermion gives no nonsense advice on the best possible way to process your waste in a sustainable manner.

3. Hermion provides an excellent return on investment


Plastic is not waste


Have you ever thought about the life span of plastic? What are the possibilities of recycling this material? Currently, there is a lot of focus on replacing plastic with materials that are supposedly more sustainable. This ignores the fact that plastic as a material is almost infinitely recyclable and therefore a unique raw material. Strong and affordable, it can be used for an endless number of applications.

For Hermion, this applicability is paramount. With our systems, we ensure that plastics, in its diverse forms, are separated and reduced to the appropriate raw material. So that they can be reused. For the consumer market and industry, for care, welfare, education and food products. For indoors and outdoors, at high and low temperatures. It is high time to realise that plastic is not waste. Plastic is a material that can last for many generations and can help us in many ways. The responsibility to handle this raw material carefully and sustainably lies with all of us. Together with Hermion, you can make great strides in this direction. Will you join us?


Tackling sustainability issues together


Years of experience in waste processing make Hermion an expert partner in the field of sustainability. Driven by the industry we work in, year after year we implement innovative new advances that also make plastic a waste material with value. Where in the past mainly iron, copper and paper were regarded as sustainable and therefore valuable materials, plastic, rightly so, is increasingly acquiring that status. It is a material that, when properly applied, collected and sorted, has an absolute added value in making the earth more sustainable. After all, plastic is already present in our world in large numbers. By collecting, separating, cleaning and drying it properly, plastic is extremely suitable for reuse.

Hermion is ready to tackle today’s sustainability issues together with you. With a broad international network of partners, suppliers and customers, we can transform your entire plastic waste stream into a raw material generator. Are you interested in using this raw material for your own products? Hermion can find the right solution for you there too.

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 All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

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