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About plastic recycling technology

The recycling processes delivered by the Dutch company are tailor made solutions, designed to be environmentally friendly. Every installation is presented in an understandable way, using each clients specific situation as starting point.



Your challenge for plastic waste in good hands


The responsible handling of waste is no longer a choice. It is an obligation, on a human, social and economic level. Plastic in particular is currently earmarked as a serious polluter. We can do something about that. Indeed, you can do something about it. Hermion is willing to accept this challenge together with you. Because we almost always have the solution to your problems regarding the recycling of plastic. And the investment? You could earn that back very quickly

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Waste separation is not a choice. It is our duty

Assuming responsibility

Fish and other sea creatures entangled in all kinds of packaging, litter that lasts longer than a human lifetime. Plastic is negatively featured in the news in many areas. Plastic being banned in more and more countries, in more and more places and in more and more applications. Whether this is justified? That is a broad question. The fact is that it is important for people to assume responsibility. Responsibility for not simply pushing a usable material aside and seeing it as waste. Unfortunately, this responsibility is not always adopted by society in general. That is why it is good that in more and more countries recycling is an absolute spearhead. You and we together can take responsibility for this. By realising the most advanced recycling facilities for plastics. And by ensuring that awareness no longer leads to plastic ending up everywhere and nowhere, but rather in the systems that make reuse possible.

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"Everything your mind can think of, can be made out off plastic"

From waste to raw materials

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As all waste streams are unique, we would like to look at your output with you. We can set up test systems to see how we can work as efficiently as possible. So Hermion always looks together with you for a system that fits your recycling challenge. Additionally, we are constantly up to date with the latest innovations in our field. That means that if we learn of an innovation that could improve your already existing line, we will share it with you.


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